What Causes Bags Under the Eyes, Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles?

Puffy eyes and dark circles can make a person appear years older than they deserve as well as giving a tired out and unhealthy looking appearance. However, many of us today suffer the depressing effects of puffy eyes or dark circles even though we may not actually feel old or worn out. Such an affliction can be seen among younger people as well as those of us who are of more advanced in years. So, if you are looking to rejuvenate your skin and attain a more youthful and healthier looking appearance, one of the most important things that you can do is banish your under eye bags and those dark circles under the eyes.

In order to remedy the problem of puffy eyes or dark circles, we must first understand what causes them.


Whilst sleep deprivation or interrupted sleep cycles can be the more common causes of dark circles or eye puffiness they are by no means the only cause.

Dark circles under the eyes are largely the result of tiny leakages of blood passing through the capillaries close to the surface of the skin. As the skin is so thin in the area under the eyes these tiny leakages can show through as a dark area of discolouration.

Nasal inflammation and sinus congestion can cause those dark circles around the eyes. The congestion and inflammation slows down and impairs the blood flow through the tiny vessels found in our facial area, trapping it and as a consequence blood may pool in this area and show through the skin usually near our eyes causing a purplish like circle!!

Proper identification and treatment of sinus issues will go along way in making you feel better and healthier, and for most will aid greatly in the diminishing the dark under eye shadow appearance.

Fluid retention can be the cause of puffy eyes, a common occurrence in the morning as fluid builds up while you sleep. While some degree of puffiness may be normal for a given individual, factors such as age and fatigue may make the swelling more prominent. Conditions including pregnancy and hormonal variations to do with menstruation can lead to the retention of fluid. These conditions can also cause swelling around the eyes to be more prominent.

Try switching to a pillow that will raise your head slightly as elevating the head while sleeping can help the redistribution of fluid that is associated with eye swelling.

A low-carbohydrate diet will help prevent eye puffiness by preventing water retention. Eating more foods rich in vitamins, especially the vitamins A, C and E helps to reduce eye puffiness and to maintain clear, moist skin. Check out your diet. Excess amounts of salt in your diet can encourage fluid retention, don't rely too heavily on ready made meals and take-away foods, they often have high salt contents and of course are known to contain preservatives that prolong shelf life.

A cold compress near the eye can act as a short-term remedy as cold temperature constricts the blood vessels preventing the flow of fluid into tissues and diminishing puffiness. Severe and persistent puffiness may be a sign of some serious medical condition and should therefore be referred to your Doctor.

If you have tired or strained eyes lavender oil can offer some gentle relief; In 2-½ cup water, add a few drops of lavender oil and mix well. Take two cotton balls and dip in this solution. Squeeze out the extra water and place the cotton balls over the eyes.

There are many pricey 'miracle' creams and products on the market that promise many wonderful things, but few deliver any meaningful results. The few that do have a beneficial effect are those that are specifically manufactured with certain problems in mind. For instance an ordinary moisturizer will not solve the problem of dark circles.

Always check labels before you buy. One recommendation is to look for a good eye cream to help reduce dark circles and puffiness, one for instance containing the Vitamin K to help strengthen the tiny capillaries just below the skin around the eyes; it will help blood flow and prevent any slight leakage.

What Causes Bags Under the Eyes, Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles?

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